Lawsuit pending as former Masonic Temple contractor files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The theater company that once operated Detroit's Masonic Temple has filed for bankruptcy, but the management team at the iconic music and theater venue says it is not going out of business.

We earlier reported that it was the owners of the historic building that had filed for bankruptcy. The Masonic Temple's current management cleared up the confusion during a morning news conference.

They say it is a former contractor called the Detroit Masonic Temple Theatre Company that filed for bankruptcy.

Officials with the Masonic Temple Association of Detroit, the organization that owns the facility, say the company used to manage the facility.

However, they say, that relations between the two organizations have soured and that the Masonic Temple is currently suing the Detroit Masonic Temple Theatre Company. Officials say the lawsuit is over attempts by the Detroit Masonic Temple Theatre Co. to unlawfully attempt to assume management of the facility.

Masonic Temple officials say their financial situation is currently stable, thanks to last month's donation by Jack White.

Detroit's own White made a $142,000 donation to pay off the building's back taxes in June . White's donation postponed Wayne County from putting the 1920s building on the auction block.

Last year, DTE also threatened to cut off the gas and power at the venue.

Events are scheduled to continue to run at this point. For a list of events click here.

The Masonic Temple is on the National Register of Historic Places. The building which was built in the early 1920s, is home to concerts, plays and graduations. 


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