Parents concerned after state approves Detroit Public Schools deficit elimination plan

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The state has approved the Detroit Public School’s deficit elimination plan.

News of the approval came as protesters gathered outside a school - speaking out against it.

The plan cuts pay for the employees that remain by ten percent. It also calls for layoffs that will result in increased class sizes  - in some cases 43 students per class.

Parents are concerned.

“Would it be acceptable for your children?” asks Shelly Nevels-Ester. “I would like to know, would it be acceptable for Governor Snyder’s children to have 43 children in a class? Is it acceptable for Jack Martin’s? It’s not.  If it’s not acceptable for your children - it’s not acceptable for mine.”

The deficit elimination plan also includes a $111 million loan from the Local Emergency Financial Assistance Loan Board to help with the district’s cash flow. Martin had proposed the loan.

It was approved today, over the objection of the DPS board, which had submitted an alternative proposal earlier this month.

The protesters say Detroit’s comeback is dependent on strong schools - and this plan won’t create that.

7 Action News has reached out to district leaders for comment.

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