Passengers say they were left stranded by a DDOT bus driver

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Sandra Nader says right now, Detroit has far less than a good transportation system.  She called 7 Action News on Saturday night tired, upset and fed up.

Nader said she paid full fare on a Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) bus but got only half of a ride.

Nader, 65, lives in Dearborn, near the border with Detroit. She does not drive and relies on public transportation to get around. On Saturday, she says DDOT let her down.

“He picked me up from Schaefer and he took me down to Fort Street and said he can’t go anywhere else,” said Nader. "He has to drop us off because he’s going home.”

Nader told 7 Action News that no other bus came to pick her or two other passengers up and she walked more than a mile to wait for a connection to her ultimate destination.

“He could have taken me the extra mile or mile and a half,” added Nader. She feels the bus system disrespects the people who need the service.

“We’re not second class citizens. We’re human beings, said Nader. “We need to get where we have to go.”

7 Action News spoke with DDOT Director Dan Dirks who said it is not acceptable for drivers to do what Nader describes. “If a driver’s shift ends mid-route, a relief driver would take over,” said Dirks.

Dirks plans to investigate the incident once Nader files an official complaint. If warranted, “we will take necessary disciplinary action against the driver,” said Dirks.

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