Pastor Marvin Winans talks about Whitney Houston and the eulogy he will deliver on Saturday

DETROIT, Mich (wxyz) - Pastor Marvin Winans from Detroit's Perfecting Faith Church will deliver the eulogy for Whitney Houston at her childhood church in New Jersey on Saturday.

He says at times like this you turn to your faith not away from it.  He knows that's what Whitney's family is doing right now. He's talked with her mom more than once.

He says he will be reflecting on the fact that even though she achieved incredible fame and stardom during her career, underneath she was still always that little girl from New Jersey.

He says he will find the words of comfort for family and friends but that comfort will come from their belief in Jesus.

Pastor Winans, who is a Grammy winning gospel singer himself, says he remembers the last time Whitney was here in Detroit, he never imagined it would be the last time he would see her.

He says many of his own family members will travel with him to the funeral.  He expects it to be an emotional but spiritual celebration of Whitney's life.


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