People are converting their outrage over Ace the dog into action

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Outrage over what happened to Ace the dog is prompting a number of people to take action.

For some, it has led them to hold a vigil outside Detroit Animal Control. They say they are trying to bring more attention to both Ace and the bigger situation surrounding him.

The organizers say what happened to Ace should show people that they need to know what kinds of shelters they call in to help lost dogs. They also say the situation shows the dangers of owners leaving their pets on the streets.

"We light these candles for Ace and the thousands of others just like him," shouted Angela Potter from a megaphone. Potter represented Waggs and Wishes Animal Rescue at the dedication.

His story touched the hearts of so many, and in the end ace the pit bull became the poster dog for abused and abandoned animals in Detroit.

"It's lighting lights up in the sky in hopes that people get educated about what really happens to these dogs," said Potter.

Waggs and Wishes has a stray pit bull they found in Detroit that had been used for fighting. The rescue rehabilitated the dog with $12,000 dollars in surgery and named her Smalls. Now Smalls is a healthy pit bull that has a longer life. They hope she can be a beacon of light for other pit bulls.

"It's not the dog you should fear, it's the people behind the leashes that you need to fear," she said.
At least 14 other animal rescues and at least 50 other people joined in the night time dedication.

"The city is full of stray dogs, and people don't respect them the way they should," said Kelly Adams. Adams rescued her Chihuahua from a shelter and used the night to urge others to bring animals to no kill shelters.

The group lit one candle for Ace, and used the power of many to light candles for all abandoned animals that are left in shelters to be killed.

"We love you Ace!" the group shouted in unison at the end of the dedication.

Other people are trying to change the laws under which Ace was euthanized. Someone has already set up a petition on the White House website . The petition says:

We the People in Memory of Ace, would like the Government to step in for Animal Rights. We would like to see all Government Funded (National, State or Local) Humane Societies, Animal Welfare Agencies, Animal Control, Animal Shelters or any other Government Agency that deals with Animals to be required to work with local Animal Rescue Groups to place any animal they are willing to take and assume care and liability for. Furthermore, we would like to see an end to Breed Specific Legislation and the use of Gas Chambers as a means of Euthanasia in these Facilities.

The people behind the Save Ace Facebook page has already thrown their support behind the petition. A posting on the page says "Save Ace did not create this petition but we are all in this together. We need 25,000 votes by December 10 but I know we can do it. This is just one of the many steps we'll take to make sure Ace's legacy lives on. Please sign and share."

The Facebook page also urges everyone to "please continue to press the mayor, city council, DAC and the health department for answers and justice."

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