People of Detroit opposed to EFM rally at city hall, threatening demonstratons and lawsuits

DETROIT,Mich (wxyz) - Detroiter rallied at the same time the mayor said he will not join the City Council in appealing the Governor's decision that Detroit is in an Emergency Financial situation.

The mayor said he looked at all the options and he believes an appeal is not the way to go.  Councilman James Tate was upset that he found out the mayor's position at a press conference.

Mayor Bing says this is "tough, really tough, but it is my reality and I am not going to keep pushing back and fighting a fight we cannot win."

Tate says if there ever was a time for the mayor and Council to come together it is now. "I am disappointed that the mayor suggests we are fighting and fighting," says Tate.

Meanwhile the rally was loud and long and it is clear the people opposed to an EFM are not going away.  They are calling for a march on Thursday to the Federal Building to ask the US attorney and whoever will listen to help them fight a state takeover.

The mayor says he is trying to make the best decision for the people and even though it may be unpopular, he will do what he thinks is best for the people of Detroit.

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