People's Water Board makes 70 mile "Justice Journey", walking from Detroit to Flint

DETROIT (WXYZ) - After years of anger and outrage in the City of Detroit over massive water shut offs, families and activists departed on a seven day, 70 mile walk rallying for change Friday.

They’re symbolically walking water from all the Great Lakes and the Detroit River 70 miles to Flint demanding safe and affordable water for everyone.

“Our walk is a justice journey to make sure we have the kind of caring and moral justice that should be around water,” Lila Cabbil of the Peoples Water Board said.

Walk organizers have scheduled events along the way.

“Our journey is to help people understand what affordability means, what is the suffering that is occurring when people have water shut offs, what is happening to the health of people when the water is shut off,” she said.

It’s a struggle supporters say is felt just as much in Flint as in Detroit.

The People’s Water Board is bringing along the Affordable Access to Water Plan from the City of Philadelphia to Lansing after they finish their walk to Flint, in hopes of modeling something similar.

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