PHOTOS: Abandoned east side Detroit houses filled with tires, piles reach from floor to ceiling

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Abandoned tires piled high next to abandoned homes. Unfortunately, that’s not news these days in Detroit. But what we found on the east side is new—abandoned homes stuffed to the rafters with discarded tires, wall-to-wall, ceiling to floor, every room packed with tires.

VIEW PHOTO GALLERY: Abandoned Detroit houses filled with piles of tires

Beyond the obvious eyesore—neighbors here are worried about the danger. If a fire breaks out these piles could burn for weeks. They want help getting them out of their neighborhood.

We showed City of Detroit officials this tire nightmare and they say they have never seen anything like it either. Now, they are on board to get the wheels rolling on this clean up. And we won’t stop until the tires are gone.

After a quick tour of abandoned houses on Mapleridge, City of  Detroit spokesperson Alexis Wiley started making calls.

By  midday Tuesday, Reverend Darryl Gaddy Sr. of Victory Fellowship Community Church showed up with dozens of volunteers.  While rolling tires out of one house, one by one, he told us ““it’s a shame that the residents of the community or those people of the community see our community as a dumping ground, but i would say that because our community is a blessed community, we have people working to eliminate the blight and revive those things other people don’t see worth reviving.”

Sameer Beydoun of Metro Property Group also showed up with crews who started pulling tires out of the abandoned homes and stacking them on the curb. It’s created a wall of  old tires up and down Mapleridge, and its only the start.

Wiley has pledged the city will send contractors with trucks to start hauling away the thousands of discarded tires. She’s also talking with the city’s blight team about moving the abandoned homes up on the demolition list to get rid of them and the mounds of tires once and for all.

Also on the agenda: trying to figure out who has been dumping the tires in the first place. The city will begin the process of trying to track down the offenders.

WXYZ-TV urges our viewers to keep an eye out—and call us with information.


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