POLICE: 72-year-old shot by police after approaching with switchblade

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit police say there was an officer involved shooting on Detroit's west side.

Police say a 72-year-old man got into a confrontation with police and ended up shot three times.

Police were called to a house on the 8600 block of Ohio Street because there was a car parked in the wrong driveway.

The car had bags of groceries inside and a neighbor knew who's car it was, so police went to the house and knocked on the window.

The 72-year-old man came out of the house with a switchblade.

Officers say he kept coming after them and police fired shots. The suspect we was shot in the arm, ankle and abdomen.

He is in temporary serious condition at Henry Ford Hospital.

It's reported the man had fallen and hit his head recently. Neighbors say he had been acting confused.

No officers were hurt.

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