POLICE: Carjackers are using prostitutes to set up their victims

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The world's oldest profession is being used to set up carjacking victims.

Officers who are part of a task force investigating auto theft say "prostitutes who assist carjackers are carjackers themselves."

They also say victims don't even have to be looking for a prostitute.

One man, who always stops for coffee at the Coney Island at the corner of 7 Mile Road and John R, declined the solicitation. He was beaten badly by two men who also drove off in his 2006 GM Envoy.

The vehicle was recovered and Sedret Whitfield was charged with receiving and concealing stolen property and being an habitual offender.

Jennifer Herron was charged with carjacking and unarmed robbery.

One woman working the area on Detroit's east side says she hasn't been asked or paid to assist carjackers but isn't surprised it's happening.

"It's horrible out here. There are rapes and robberies. It's worse than it's ever been," she says.

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