Mayor Bing speaks about Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans resignation

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has spoken out about his decision to ask for the resignation of Warren Evans.

Bing says the decision was based on a number of different things, but that it came down to his belief that some of Evans' recent decisions have compromised his position as police chief.

The mayor also said that the decision was not "a kneejerk reaction" and had come after much discussion between him and Deputy Mayor Saul Green. He said they had made the final decision last night, and notified Evans after he had met with City Council and the federal monitor Wednesday morning.

The news of Evans resignation was released in a statement from Mayor Bing's office at about 1:40 p.m.

It read: "We appreciate the time and dedication that Warren Evans has given to the Detroit Police Department. He has put the department on a path to reducing crime. We entrust the leadership of A.C. Godbee who will serve as Interim Chief, to continue to build upon this success for the department and the city."

Evans served as Detroit's top cop since last summer.

City Councilman Gary Brown responded to Evans' resignation on Twitter, saying "the resignation of Chief Warren Evans is a shock. We hold the mayor accountable for public safety and I trust his judgment. I believe the selection of A.C. Ralph Godbee as Interim Police Chief is a good thing at this point. A national search for Detroit Police Chief should be conducted with qualified applicants including Interim Chief Godbee invited to participate."

Action News has learned Evans was brought down, in part, by a reality show pitch video that showcases him as Detroit Police Chief.