Detroit Police makes bold statement after deadly shooting

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit Police told 7 Action News shots were fired on the city's east side on Christy Street around 4 p.m.

Two victims were hit and one of them killed. The other man is in critical condition at St. John Hospital on Moross.

The violence has Detroit's finest fuming along with the rest of us.

"This is senseless violence that needs to end," said Sgt. Michael Woody. "Get behind us. Help us help them. We're here with them. We feel their pain and never left. We've been fighting with them this whole time. This has got to get old for everybody and everybody has to get angry. We all have to work together to end this."

The message is simple. He said "Get behind Chief Craig and his mission. With block parties we're coming for you and criminals have no where left to hide. We're going to change Detroit. The change is coming."

It also takes a brave soul to turn in a murderer.

"If he does it to one, he'll do it to another and another. Then eventually get to someone you care about" said Sgt. Woody. It starts one street at a time. On Christy street, there are no suspects so far.

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