Police say party store owner shoots 3 robbers on Detroit's west side

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit Police say four burglars targeted the wrong party store. Now one is dead, two are in the hospital in critical condition and one is in jail.

It happened at The Right Way Express Party Store on Joy Road at Ohio overnight on Detroit's west side.

The thieves appeared to have tried to break in through a door located under several surveillance cameras.

The 51-year-old owner apparently realized a robbery was under way and responded with gunfire.

Neighbors say the thieves must not be from the area. They say the owner always has surveillance cameras running and lives in an apartment attached to the store.

They say it is unfortunate the store owner had to take such measures.

Over the years he has become a big part of the community. Many neighbors say they have had times where they couldn't afford food or other necessities and the store owner helped them out.

Police are describing the burglars as males in their teens to 20s.

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