Police find 19 y.o., suspected of fatally shooting stepfather, an active Air Force Sergeant

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Johnny Clyburn was shot and killed this morning by Antonio Hicks, his 19-year-old soon to be stepson. His fianceé, Hicks mother, also suffered a gun shot wound to the leg.

Hicks fled the scene on foot and was found near Seven Mile and Mac Crary.

“I don’t know why he couldn’t have just wounded my son. Johnny took that boy in. This is why I say don’t try to help these disturbed children," says Brenda Clyburn, the victims mother.

Hicks, his mother, and Sergeant Clyburn moved into the home a few months ago. Sgt. Clyburn was trying to help the teen who suffers from mental health issues. 

Darwin Roche served overseas with Sgt. Clyburn and calls him "an icon in the military."

Members of the 127th security forces who served with Sgt. Clyburn and loved ones are stunned by the incident and will remember him for his devotion to his country.

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