Positive trend: Police say Detroit on track for fewer than 300 homicides for first time since 1967

Detroit could see the fewest number of homicides in the city since 1967, according to police chief James Craig.

Through August, 189 homicides have been reported, down 14% from the same period a year ago.

“We’re fighting this fight for them and we’re getting it done," Craig said of his officer's work on behalf of Detroit residents.

Craig told Action News the department has solved roughly 70% of the cases in 2014, compared to 11% a year ago. Craig took the job as chief in July of last year.

“We solve cases because the community has a strong willingness to work with us, talk with us, the confidence is coming back, and that’s important," Craig said.

Last year, 334 people were killed in Detroit. 2014 could end with fewer than 300 homicides, the lowest total in nearly a century.

“One homicide is one too many and while I’ll be excited if we do not hit that 300 mark, that’s still not enough," said Craig. "The critics will say, 'you know chief, population's down.' Well, population was down a year ago. That's a factor but that's not the sole factor."



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