Neighbors on Cabot Street get help hauling away debris

(WXYZ) - After countless pleas for help, neighbors on Cabot Street have hope. 

7 Action News first brought you their story Thursday.  Four homes burnt to the ground years ago.  Since then, they sat, adding to the neighborhood's blight problem. When they reached out to city leaders for help, they were told the homes were not in the designated blight elimination area and there were no resources to have them demolished. 

Concerned kids would get hurt, neighbors took it upon themselves to begin dismantling the dangerous structures themselves. 

After Action News reached out to City Hall, the director of Detroit's public works department arrived on Cabot Street and talked with the neighbors.  He promised the city's support, but did caution them and others to the potential danger of tearing down abandoned homes.

Friday morning, he made good on his promise.  City crews arrived to haul away the burned out debris.  City officials have also begun the process of reaching out to contractors to finish the work the neighbors started. 


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