Detroit does poor job cleaning up lot full of trash

(WXYZ) - The City of Detroit promised an area of Cabot Street in southwest Detroit would be cleaned up after Action News informed Mayor Duggan's office about the illegal dumping going on. 

Crews were sent out to do the job over the weekend, but neighbors won't be handing out gold stars for their work.

It was a day of hope for this neighborhood, a day their voices were going to be heard.  Neighbors near Cabot Street were excited to watch as city crews arrived Saturday to remove mountains of nasty garbage and piles of debris left behind by illegal dumpers.  But, when city trucks went away, debris still remained. 

"I was optimistically hoping to find level dirt," said James Rios.  "I'm aware our city has the resources to do that."

The illegal dumping was more than an eyesore, it was dangerous for the kids who live in this neighborhood.  When Action News informed Mayor Duggan's office, a spokesperson promised it would be cleaned up.  To the city's credit, a good portion of the trash is gone, including the abandoned boats, but it's nowhere near safe.

"I don't want my kids walking across this, I don't think anyone would." said Rios.  "I live here, I pay my taxes.  We would hope for the type of services that one receives in any municipality."

We've reached out to the City officials to see when they plan on having crews finish cleaning up the lots.

To report illegal dumping in the City of Detroit, call the Ombudsman at (313) 224-6000.

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