Protestors take to the street in wake of Monday's fatal shooting of a man by an ICE agent

DETROIT (WXYZ) - From violence on the streets in Baltimore, to a peaceful protest right here in Detroit, the community is voicing it's anger over the death of a young father shot and killed by a federal agent during his arrest.

United in their voice, these protesters are on a mission.

The crowds grew at Evergreen and Chicago. The tension felt by police and parents with small children.

The demonstration was over the death of 20-year-old Terrence Kellom, who was shot multiple times and killed by an ICE agent at his home Monday.

Terrence was a young father, with a second child on the way.

The feds say Kellom was wanted for armed robbery and gun charges and he was a parole absconder.

Detroit police say they were told Kellom came at the agent with a hammer.

Now, federal prosecutors are pledging to closely monitor findings of an investigation into what happened.

Meantime, protestors have been clear in saying law enforcement has claimed too many lives and enough is enough.

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