Pugh claims officers are unprepared for traffic cases, calls for investigation

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The Detroit Police Department may find itself under another microscope for traffic cases getting tossed out of court.

Council president Charles Pugh wants an investigation of accusations that officers are going to court unprepared so the violations are dismissed.

Pugh wants to know if it's an intentional act to cut the amount revenue the city gets from traffic tickets.

In his letter, Pugh says:

"My office has been informed of an alleged intentional act by Detroit Police officers to significantly reduce the amount of revenue generated by the 36th District Court from traffic violations. According to a constituent employed by the Court, Detroit Police officers have begun attending court sessions intentionally unprepared to proceed. As a result, the Court dismisses a significant number of traffic violations, which diminishes the enforcement of our laws and reduces essential revenue generation for the City of Detroit.

Given the City's current financial condition, the gravity of this issue is self-evident. Please investigate this matter immediately and provide a written report to the Public Health and Safety Standing Committee within two weeks.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter."


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