Recent amputee worried about living next to Illegally dumped debris in Detroit

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A recent amputee is living next to a vacant home that has been turned into an illegal dump site.  Her family is worried the mountain of trash could catch fire and put lives in danger.

Angela Dinkins is still struggling to recover after part of her leg was amputated.  She relies on a cane and wheelchair to help her get around.  That's why the massive mess next door is so concerning. 

"I'm really scared someone is going to come set it on fire and I'm not going to be able to get out because of my leg," says Dinkins.

Worried for her daughter's safety, Dinkins' mother contacted Action News after she says her calls to city hall got no help.  City inspectors were at the house on Grayton Street last December and left a notice, but the debris was never cleaned up and the dumping got worse. 

"My kids were like, call Ronnie.  Call Ronnie.  I said OK.  We are praying you are the one that can help us." Armenta Dinkins explained.

Not long after contacting Mayor Duggan's office, crews with Detroit's Department of Public Works arrived and went to work tackling the mountain of debris. Soon after, neighbors joined in on the good deed, cutting the weeds and mowing the lawn.

"It's so wonderful to finally get this mess up," said Dinkins.  "Great job.  Great job.  Thanks so much."

With private contractors handling trash pick up, city crews are targeting illegal dump sites.  Help them out.  If you see someone dumping illegally, snap a picture, get a description, try to get a license plate number and report it.

A task force has been set up to go after offenders.  To report someone illegally dumping, scrapping or graffiti, call 313.235.4359 or send an email to .


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