Repairs to be made at Detroit firehouses following 7 Action News report

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit firehouses are in a state of disrepair. The buildings are aging and 7 Action News is sounding the alarm.

Tonight, we're focusing on the bay doors - some won't close and some won't open. The problem is putting lives and equipment at risk.

To most Detroit residents, it doesn't seem right. A needed repair job at Detroit fire stations being ignored, in some cases for weeks.

"They need to fix the doors," said one Detroit resident.  "They help us, we should help them."

Why does it matter?

Well, we've learned at one firehouse the doors won't close, which means someone often stays behind to help protect the firehouse from thieves.  

7 Action News has learned at medic 2, 4, 5, 10 and 16, the garage doors won't open. Without a place to park them, the new expensive $165,000 ambulances have to sit outside, making them vulnerable to thieves. 

Already we are getting action for the hard working men and women of DFD and DEMS.  A spokesperson for Mayor Duggan's office says a repair crew has already been by Medic 10 to make repairs and the others will be repaired in the next few days.

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