Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain visits Detroit and Southfield

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The 2012 presidential election is more than a year away. But candidates already have their eye on our state.  Herman Cain met with supporters outside Michigan Central Station in southwest Detroit.

He unveiled his "Opportunity Zone Plan", which he says will allow production to drive the economy and put more Americans back to work.

Cain told supporters, "The bottom line folks, is 9-9-9 will mean jobs, jobs, jobs."

Cain has touted his 9-9-9 plan. It would scrap the current taxes on income, payroll, capital gains and corporate profits and replace them with a nine percent tax on income, a nine percent business tax and a nine percent national sales tax.

Cain said cities like Detroit could be eligible for extra incentives that would include businesses deducting payroll expenses which could stimulate hiring and in turn the economy.

The old train station is owned by Matty Moroun. When Cain was asked how Maroun would benefit he said he hadn't talked to Maroun, but said "maybe that billionaire is sitting on that building waiting until he can sell it without being penalized because of capital gains."

Cain also visited Shield's Pizza in Southfield for a People magazine photo shoot. The former pizza company CEO tasted the pizza and said "It's right up there with Godfather's pizza .. It's great."

He took the People magazine photo holding a pizza with 9-9-9 spelled out in pepperoni.

Cain's next stop is Indiana.

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