Residents question why Detroit Police officers are protecting Mayor Bing at a suburban home

DETROIT (WXYZ) - At a time when Detroit police officers are working twelve hours shifts in an effort to get more cops on the streets, officers with Mayor Bing's executive protection unit are standing duty in the suburbs.

The Manoogian Mansion is the official residence of the mayor. The 4,000 square foot home was donated to the City of Detroit in 1966 and sits along the Detroit River.

Mayor Dave Bing moved into the Manoogian Mansion in 2010. Before running for office, the successful businessman lived in a gated community in Franklin. Bing still owns the home. That's where our cameras spotted members of his EPU Sunday morning.

An officer with Bing's security detail wouldn't comment on how often they are in Franklin.

Some Detroit residents are upset knowing Detroit police officers are on duty outside of the city. Police response times can be frustratingly slow.

"You need to be on the brink of death, then they might come," said longtime Detroit resident Ava Rowe.

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