Reverend Horace Sheffield speaks about Rep. John Conyers getting back on ballot

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Reverend Horace Sheffield is facing off against incumbent U.S. Representative John Conyers in the August Primary ballot for Congress.

Conyers learned today he would be allowed back on the ballot after a ruling from a Federal Judge came down Friday afternoon.

Sheffield says he doesn't think Congressman Conyers should get a free pass when two of the people collection signatures for the Congressman were not properly registered to vote. That's a violation of state law.

"I think anyone who has subjected themselves 24 times to the same process and has never complained about it, and now wants a special consideration for themselves, says, as seems to be the case with him now, that I’m a law unto myself," Sheffield said.

Even though Sheffield says he's baffled by the ruling, he says he's ready to put up a fight for the Congressman's seat.

"Bottom line is we had nothing to do with this.  I wish the congressman well, I’m looking forward to a robust debate.  Several debates within the community that he represents presently, that I want to represent," Sheffield said.

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