Piled-up trash creating smelly situation in Detroit neighborhood

(WXYZ) - When their trash hadn't been picked up for weeks, residents couldn't take it any longer.  The stench was almost unbearable. 

"It's very nasty and disgusting." said one resident.  "I have to smell the stench and deal with all the flies, it's terrible."

The smelly situation was happening at the Infinity Park Apartment Community on Detroit's west dide.  Residents tell us they complained to the management, but the trash continued to building.  Until they called Action News. 

Shortly after arriving at the apartment complex, a garbage truck showed up and began hauling the stinky trash away.

"It's been like that over three weeks now, so I know because of you guys, it's finally getting cleaned up." said one resident.

Management at the apartment have yet to provide an explanation.

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