Playing peekaboo: Searching for the tire dumper's boss

(WXYZ) - Thursday afternoon while working on a story about a huge pile of tires on a recently cleared lot, 7 Action News reporter Ronnie Dahl came across two men illegally dumping tires. 

A worker told her he had permission, and his boss ordered them to dump the tires. Today, Ronnie went looking for his boss.

She paid a visit to his business: Double Jay's Auto Service on Wyoming Street.  An employee said her boss wasn't around, but directed her to the front office.  At the front office, an employee saw Ronnie, then turned out the light.

Not everyone is avoiding Ronnie. On Dexter Avenue, near the site where the tires were dumped, people were excited to talk with her. First thing in the morning, a city contractor was back at the site removing the massive pile of tires.

"I couldn't believe it.  I pulled up and saw a truck loading up those tires." said Michael King. "I feel a whole lot safer.  I can sit there without worrying about a fire truck coming by."

Late in the afternoon, the owner of Double Jay's did call Ronnie.  He said he didn't tell the employees to dump the tires on the lot. 

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