Secretary of State determines Congressman Conyers does not have enough signatures to be on ballot

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The Michigan Secretary of State Elections Division has issued a determination that Congressman John Conyers does not have enough signatures to be on the August Primary ballot.

The ballot battle began over whether circulators who gathered signatures had to be registered voters.

Michigan Law says they do and that is likely to be the determination from the Secretary of State.

However, the issue is also in front of Federal Judge Matthew Leitman who will make another ruling this afternoon over whether the registered voter requirement is constitutional.

A similar case in Ohio has already been decided by the U. S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals that the voter registration requirement was unconstitutional.

Judge Leitman could issue an injunction stopping the state from enforcing that law and putting Conyers on the ballot.  Detroit Reverend Horace Sheffield is running against Conyers and is on the August Primary Ballot.

Conyers could also run as a write-in candidate.

In a separate ruling, Friday morning, Judge Leitman ruled Sheffield and Conyers' Campaign Manager Rick Jones could not intervene on the court case.

Conyers filed his own case and was joined by the ACLU and AFSCME Union activist Robert Davis who wants to run for the Highland Park School Board and have members of his family from out of state circulate his nominating petitions.


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