Senior citizens say they are being forced out of their apartments

(WXYZ) - It's been her home for decades, but now Mary Howell and other low-income senior citizens tell us they are being pushed out of the Skyview Tower apartments. 

"Everybody in Section 8 and low income has to move out of here," said Howell.  Earl Matthews says he was only given 30 days to find a new place to live. 

According to its website, the apartment building is undergoing renovations.  As downtown Detroit makes a comeback, the high rise apartment building has become hot real estate.  Real estate many of the elderly residents can't afford.

"That's just not how an elderly American is suppose to be treated." said Dr. Sharon King. 

King is the Director of Senior Fellowship Services organization and has been assisting many of the residents through the years.  She believes the management company is playing dirty by not fixing apartments to Section 8's code standards, so the contract will be canceled, forcing the elderly residents out of their apartments.

"Instead of telling them we don't want you here any more and we need for you to find somewhere else to live, they choose the back door." said Dr. King.

Management for the apartment building refused to allow us to go inside.  The manager has not returned our phone call to address the residents concerns.  Someone in the management office did say all residents are being informed of rent increases once their leases expire.

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