Shootout at east side home sends stray bullet over 200 feet, striking child's bedroom window

DETROIT (WXYZ) - "My baby could have lost his life last night," said Tyria Thaxton as she held her four-year-old son, Tanarion.

Tanarion was sleeping in his bed when a bullet struck his window just a few feet away.

The bullet ended up stopping in the frame of the window.

"It sounded like it came in the house," said Country Ousley, Tanarion's dad.

Another bullet also struck a neighbor's living room window.

The gunfire stems from a shootout that took place around 3:30 early Wednesday morning at a house about 200 feet away on the 5900 block of Talbot.

Police sources say it began when several men approached the house and killed the electricity from the rear of the home to lure one of the men outside.

Once Khaili Fadel, 34, walked out to see what was wrong, we're told he was ambushed by several men, all firing shots at him and then at the house.

We're told Safwan Fadel, 31, who was still inside the home, was able to return fire, but he was wounded and later conveyed to a nearby hospital. He's expected to survive.

A third man who was inside the house was not injured, but Khaili Fadel was killed.

Investigators are now trying to figure out why the men were targeted. 

There are several surveillance cameras mounted around the house, and while a small amount of marijuana was found inside the home, police sources say it does not appear to be a drug-related hit.

It's unclear how the men living at the house are related to each other, but, according to sources, they own a cell phone repair shop in the Hamtramck area.

Anyone with any information is urged to call investigators with the Detroit Police Homicide unit at (313)596-2260.

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