Six proposals for reconfiguration of I-375 in Detroit released by Detroit Economic Growth Company

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The Detroit Economic Growth Company has released six proposals for the reconstruction of I-375.

The plans call for rebuilding, modifying or replacing the existing freeway as a means to spur economic growth in the section of the city served by the freeway.

The first alternative is to reconstruct the freeway as is. This project would reconstruct the freeway, as well as the service drive and bridges. The southbound ramps at Monroe/Lafayette and Larned/East Jefferson would also see improvements. This alternative has as $60 to $70 million price tag.

The second alternative would also see a reconstruction of the freeway, service drive and bridges, as well as improvements to the bridges. However, improvements would also be made to the Gratiot/Madison/St. Antoine intersection. A connection would also be built from East Jefferson to Atwater with both bike lanes and pedestrian improvements. Bike lanes and pedestrian improvements would also be built along the northbound and southbound service drives. This alternative has a $70 to $80 million price tag.

The third alternative sees a freeway reconstruction with the roadway shifted to the west towards downtown. A new retaining wall would be built to narrow the freeway's width. Improvements would also be made to the off-ramp at Monroe/Layfayette. However, the freeway would transition to a surface street at Larned to eliminate the Jefferson curve. The roadway would then be extended to the riverfront, with a new connection running from Jefferson to Atwater that would have both bike lanes and a shared use path. The current northbound service drive would also be converted into a two way local street with bike lanes. This proposal is expected to cost between $55 and $65 million.

The fourth alternative sees the complete transition of the freeway to a surface street at Clinton. The roadway would also be shifted to the east, opening room for development on the west side of the roadway. This alternative would also see a riverfront connection built between Jefferson and Atwater. It has a cost estimate of $40 to $50 million.

The fifth alternative also see a complete transition of the freeway to a surface street at Clinton and a riverfront connection built from East Jefferson to Atwater. However, the road would be reconstructed as a boulevard and shifted west, towards downtown. The northbound service drive would be converted into a two-way local street.. This option has a price tags of $45 to $55 million.

The final alternative sees the freeway replaced with two one-way roadways that begin at Clinton. These roads would be shifted to the current service drives, which would then converge at East Jefferson as a riverfront connector that proceeds to Atwater. The current freeway would be converted to a below grade multi-use trail that could potentially be redeveloped in the future. This alternative has a $40 to $50 million price tag.

The renderings (which can be seen by clicking here ) are part of the Downtown Development Authority's push to determine the best configuration of the roadway.

The hope is to have a final determination about which alternative to go with by the end of July.

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