Some Detroiters upbeat about EFM, hope he can improve neighborhoods

DETROIT, Mich (WXYZ) - "I am excited," says Toni McIlwain, the president of the Ravendale Community, when talking about Detroit's new emergency financial manager. "I would like to work with him."

Toni and her husband along with some other residents say they are hoping EFM pick Kevyn Orr can get the street lights back on and the abandoned houses torn down.

"We also want to see people happy again, and feeling good about where they live."

Toni and her husband, and others in the neighborhood say they were tired of the fighting at City Hall and they believe the governor thought carefully when choosing the EFM.

They question the protesters and wonder if they have some solutions to the problems the city is facing.

"All they are doing is wearing out their shoes," says Roger McIlwain, Toni's husband and retired Detroit worker, when talking about the demonstrators.

Another resident, Arthur Leftwich, says he is sorry it had to come to this, but he is willing to give the emergency financial manager a chance because he wants his neighborhood to be the way it used to be; safe, clean and filled with occupied houses and happy people.

"If he can fix things, then that's good," said Leftwich. 

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