State Treasurer Andy Dillon says successful appeal of emergency financial manager unlikely

DETROT (WXYZ) - State Treasurer Andy Dillon has been working inside city hall, inside state government so we asked him; Can the city be successful in the appeal of a takeover?

"You never say never, but I don't see it," said Dillon. "But if [City Council] came up with something dramatic I know [Governor Snyder] will be a willing listener and so will I," he added. 

The governor said he wanted to talk with the mayor and City Council before today before declaring a financial emergency.

"I had discussions with the mayor, our team talked to a lot of the City Council people. They said they've been working on their own kind of plan. That's where the 10 day period comes in," the governor told 7 Action News. 

So if there is a takeover who would be the emergency financial manager?

The governor won't release a name yet. "This will be one of the most challenging positions in the United States. Without a doubt." he said. "But I think we've done well in that process. We've identified a top candidate," the governor added. 

Dillon compared the position to Ford's CEO, "Like an Allan Mulally, who came in to forward the head operational and financial problems. Detroit has operational and financial problems so I think it's a great executive that's not combative, that's able to bring constituencies together."

Monday Dillon says he will meet with seven to nine of City Concil's members. "We're in constant communication, which is good thing," he said. 


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