Stolen car stripped and dumped on Detroit street

(WXYZ) - It was a battle to get the burned-out homes on Cabot Street torn down and the mountain of illegally dumped debris hauled away.  Now that it is, neighbors plan on keeping it that way.

"We are constantly working day in and day out, watching," said Juan Lugo. "It's worth the effort.  It's awesome out here."

That's why neighbors were so upset when someone dumped a stolen, stripped-out car nearby.

Action News reporter Ronnie Dahl went digging through the car and discovered a receipt with an address and phone number on it.  She contacted the owner, who lives in Pontiac, and he said the car was recently stolen.

While our crew was working on the story, scrappers arrived.  They wasted no time, cutting at the wires, hoping for something to salvage.

"It's how we survive," one scrapper said. "We live off kibbles and bits, this is how we survive. It's not right, we know this, we did it anyway."

We turned our information over to the Detroit Police Department. 

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