Residents upset over illegal dumping in Detroit

(WXYZ)-Detroit - Illegal dumpers are turning a family friendly southwest Detroit neighborhood into an eyesore, and one resident is fed up.

When he couldn't get help from city hall, he contacted Action News Reporter Ronnie Dahl.

James Rios wants to believe in a better Detroit.  For him and his family, it's home.

"My brothers and sisters are teachers, my brother is a Detroit police officer.  I run a plumbing business from here.  We pay our taxes." said Rios.

But he is tired of looking at a growing garbage pile just a few houses from where he lives.  Rios says the problem started two years ago when a trash container near a multi-family residence caught fire and was never replaced.

The illegal dumping has now become a daily problem.  Rios has tried reaching out to city departments and elected leaders with no luck.

When Action News contacted Mayor Duggan's office,  an environmental inspector was sent out.  A short time later, a crew arrived to start the clean up.

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