Student count day for public schools across Michigan

DETROIT (WXYZ) - It's a big day for public school districts all across the state of Michigan.

Today is fall count day. Attendance in schools will determine 90 percent of per-pupil funding each district will receive from the state during the school year.

A winter count day will be held in February to make up the final 10 percent

Many schools are offering special incentives to get students in the classroom.

In Detroit, DPS school leaders will begin distributing Netbooks at several schools. The district says students in 8th through 12th grade will have access to the laptops so they have computer access outside of school.

By the end of the month nearly 19,000 Netbooks are expected to be handed out.

Bob's Classic Kicks in Detroit is also trying to get kids in class. The shoe shop will give a free pair of black leather NIKE sneakers to DPS high school students who attend school Wednesday. High schoolers that go to class all day will receive a voucher to redeen at Bob's Classic Kicks at 4717 Woodward in Detroit.

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