Students work to clean up area surrounding their high school

DETROIT (WXYZ) - About 300 volunteers worked Saturday to clean up a lot of things causing problems in one Detroit neighborhood.

They got rid of a lot unwanted garbage in the neighborhood surrounding Denby High School Saturday morning and afternoon.

The group, which included students from Denby High School, Wayne State University, Grand Valley State, and University of Michigan – Ann Arbor cleaned up trash and boarded up abandoned houses.

“We see people looking at us like wow, they’re making a change,” said Denby senior Dominic McCormick.  “People are shocked like wow they’re finally doing something.”

“We want to create safe routes for the students when they walk to school, when they wait for buses and even when they are out in t he community,” said Jonathan Hui, Coordinator of Community Projects at Denby High School.

The initiative is supported by several groups and organizations including Local Initiate Support Corporation also known as LINC.

According Hiu, they have received support from Detroit Police and the  Detroit Mayor’s Office.
The students also canvassed the area and spoke to neighbors about how they can work together to make the area safer.

“Community members are really looking to our students as an example to see the participation and as our students are doing more… community members are also encouraged to do more too,” said Hui.

After a long day, the volunteers gave each other pats on the back. They even squeezed in some group selfies to show off all their hard work.

“For people to come out and just get together, that is like a big experience,” said Denby senior Dontez Hicks. “I’ve never seen so many people in one little area trying to do something good for the community.”

“We feel proud because something is getting done,” said McCormick.

According to Hui, there will be clean up every day through out the summer.They are also working on other projects such as turning some of the abandoned homes into store fronts and other small businesses.

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