Police raid Detroit senior citizen apartment complex and arrest suspected drug dealers

DETROIT (WXYZ) - From their balconies, dozens of seniors watched as a number of arrests were made here in Detroit's midtown neighborhood at the Orchestra Tower complex.

The suspects are accused of selling heroin, crack and marijuana.

"They are selling big time crack and abusing the seniors and good people," said tenant Gwendolyn Moore.  "They don't want the good people in here, in this building."

According to police, the suspects basically took over units occupied by seniors and also at Cityview, another senior complex.

"These people took advantage through force and coercion to work their way into these individuals homes and basically… we're going to sell drugs out of your apartment and there is nothing you can do about it," said Wayne County Undersheriff Daniel Pfannes.

"Some were related to them," said Wayne State University Police Chief Anthony Bolt. "Some were friends with them. Some, as the undersheriff says, through coercion… just forcing their way in and said we're working out of here and you won't do anything."

Many of the residents who live in the complex felt threatened.

Police told 7 Action News the suspects were taking advantage of some of the most vulnerable people.

"This is subsidized because we have a limited income, a fixed income," said Moore. "So that's why they feel they can abuse poor people."

The Wayne County Sheriff's Department, along with the Wayne State University Police and the ATF made the raid this Monday morning.

They said the investigation had been going on for a while after getting tips and complaints of the problem.

"Law enforcement cannot be every where. We count on the eyes and ears of the community to pass that information to us if you are a victim," said Undersheriff Pfannes.  "If you know someone has been victimized please pass that one to law enforcement so we can take an aggressive stance."

Altogether police are looking for 46 suspects.  All of them male with the exception of one female. 

They hope to make all of the arrests by the end of the day. 

The case in still under investigation. 


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