Suspects shoot 73-year-old man after following him on his walk back home from a Detroit gas station

(WXYZ) - New surveillance photos were released of four young males police tell us shot a 73-year-old after following him home to rob him.

The family of the 73-year-old told us he is still recovering at the hospital, and it’s going to be a bit of a recovery process, but he is expected to be OK. 

The young men are seen in the security footage laughing as they walk out of a gas station in Detroit to follow the unsuspecting 73-year-old.  

One photo shows all four males inside the Marathon gas station near 8 Mile Road and Evergreen shortly before the attack. The victim the group targeted, the older man, can be seen in the forefront of the same picture wearing a blue and white hat.

The manager at the gas station tells us the 73-year-old comes into the store at least four times a day. The walk is good exercise and the man likes to buy scratch off tickets. 

The man was in the gas station at least twice on Sunday before the shooting happened.  The 73-year-old headed back home from his second trip just before 9:30 at night. The older man cut through the alley like he always does. The walk is about as long as a football field.  The man did not know it, but the guy in a grey sweatshirt and a male in a black sweatshirt were following close behind.

The guy in the grey sweatshirt approached the 73-year-old when he was almost home on his street and demanded his money.  When the two males did not get any cash, the guy in the black sweatshirt shot the older man in the side.

Take a good look at the four males in the surveillance photos. Two of them do a nice job of smiling at the camera.

If you know anything, please call the Detroit Police Department.

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