Suspended Detroit Police officer arrested after reportedly driving drunk, causing crash

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A Detroit Police Officer on suspension is arrested for driving drunk after crashing into another vehicle just before 1 p.m. today.

“I’m just hoping my daughter is okay,” said Naomi Gaither. 

Gaither’s daughter was driving in the car the officer hit.  Her daughter went to the hospital right after the accident.  She had a friend in the car with her.  No one knew anything was wrong with the friend until he grabbed his chest and collapsed a short time later.

A group of people screamed for the officer’s to call another ambulance.  “Oh my God.  Officer!  Officer!”

Friends yelled for police to call another ambulance.  Police tell 7 Action News that the suspended police officer was driving drunk.   

“She just didn’t yield and didn’t stop and slammed right into them,” said Gaither.

When she first heard the driver that hit her daughter might be a police officer she got even angrier.

“I would be really mortified and highly upset,” said Gaither.

Her daughter was driving a white car and the suspended officer was driving a gray SUV.  The girl was driving eastbound on Plymouth Road and the suspended officer was driving in the opposite direction.  The suspended officer turned in front of the girl and hit her.

“She just didn’t yield and didn’t stop and slammed right into them,” said Gaither.

Gaither said the suspended officer tried to flee from the crash.

“Thank God that the police chief and the police officers who work under him responded so quickly.  They diffused her because she did try to hit and run,” said Gaither.

Police arrested the suspended officer for operating a motor vehicle while impaired.

“I hope this is a lesson for someone else.  If you’re 21 and older and you’re going to be responsible enough to drink, be responsible enough not to get in the car and endanger other people that’s around you,” said Gaither.

Detroit Police are still not saying why the officer was on suspension.


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