Teenage nephew of accused killer D'Andre Lane says he didn't hear 2-year-old Bianca even cry

DETROIT (WXYZ) - D'Andre Lane's 16-year-old nephew told jurors Monday that he didn't hear 2-year-old Bianca cry when Lane "tapped" the toddler with an 18-inch stick used to discipline his children.

"He didn't hit her very hard because she didn't even cry", said the teenager whose identity was concealed.

That contradicted last week's testimony of Lane's fiancée, Anjali Lyons. When pressed by prosecutors, Lyons told jurors that Bianca's cries woke her up around 3:00 a.m. on December 2, 2011.

On Monday, Lane's teenage nephew said he stayed up until about 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. watching television and talking to Lane. He recalled Bianca wet the bed and described Lane's hits on Bianca as light taps.

The teen also said that he didn't see Bianca walking or hear her talking around 7 a.m. when he got up for school.

Just before they left the house, the teen said Lane carried Bianca out of her room and sat her on the couch next to him. He testified that Bianca didn't make any noise, but just looked at him.

Prosecutors say Lane is obsessed with toilet training his children and they accuse him of losing his temper and killing Bianca when she soiled herself.

Prosecutors believe was dead that morning and alleged Lane covered Bianca's lifeless body up with a blanket and put her in her car seat when he took his then seven-year-old daughter and nephew to school.

After dropping the two children off, prosecutors and police believe Lane disposed of his daughter's body and then concocted a carjacking story to cover up the crime.

Lane and his defense attorney maintain that Bianca was alive when she was snatched by armed carjackers around 9 a.m. that morning.

Police located Lane's vehicle about six blocks away from the site of the reported carjacking. The engine was still running with the driver's side door open. Bianca's car seat and blanket were found in the back seat, but Bianca has never been found.

On cross examination Monday, Lane's defense attorney, Terry Johnson, pointed out that early on in the investigation, the teen told police that he saw Bianca "yawning" as she sat up on the couch that morning.

On Tuesday, Lane's daughter, now eight-years-old, is expected to take the stand. During the preliminary examination, the girl testified that her father was once so upset that she had a bathroom accident that he shoved her wet panties into her mouth. 

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