Lawyer for Bob Bashara believes police and prosecutors are making a deal with Joe Gentz

DETROIT (WXYZ) - David Griem says he believes Joe Gentz was given a court appointed lawyer to help police and prosecutors make a deal with him to testify against Bob Bashara in connection with the murder of Bashara's wife Jane.

Gentz reportedly confessed to the crime and, according to sources, said Bob was involved.

Griem says this is a very difficult time for Bob who has lost his wife and is trying to keep his family together. He has a daughter, 20, and son, 23.

Griem says Bob knows there could be a rough road ahead and while Griem says he hopes Bob is not charged, he is preparing for the worst.

Griem says the if Gentz is telling the truth about his part in the murder he believes the motive was money.

Griem says it's possible Gentz, who has worked as a handyman, thought Bob owed him more for work her performed than what he was paid.

Griem says if that's the case, when Gentz went to the house, Griem believes, Bob was not home and Gentz confronted Jane.

Griem says what scares him more than anything is that, if Bob Bashara is charged, he may not be able to get a fair and impartial jury because there has been so much publicity about the case and many of the reports have been about Bob's personal sex life.

Griem says if people don't approve of that, they might feel "he is a sinner and if he is a sinner he could be capable of a crime."

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