Thousands walk in downtown Detroit to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis research


Crystal Lewis is a mother, a student and now you could call her devoted - devoted to finding a cure for MS.

"From his strength it brought about a strength in me to fight to join the movement for research and development, to raise funds for a cure," she says.

She joined the fight 2 years ago after several doctors misdiagnosed her son.  After several trips to different doctors the MS Society, Michigan chapter stepped in.

"it took us about a year. We had to travel out of state to finally get the diagnosis," she says.  "It was hard, however we know it's something. If no research is done on it how can they really know or determine what it is?"

Lewis and her son Caden, now 5, joined the crowd of supporters, fundraisers and others living with MS to raise money and awareness.

The money raised today goes towards research and helping people living with MS right here the mitten state.

"That effects people in a lot of different ways you know fatigue, cognitive issues and you know walking difficulties, speech," says Cheryl Rothe. "It affects everyone differently."

Rothe works for the MS Society. Today she's working the walk. And for a while she's battled MS.

Rothe joins the more than 18,000 others in Michigan living with the disease. 

A disease of the central nervous system, MS is known for interrupting the flow of information between the brain and body, ultimately interfering with movement.

Today's walk is close to Rothe's heart.

"Come out and celebrate and have a great day," she says. "Raise money for a great cause have a lot of fun make some new friends. It's a great day!"

7 Action News was a part of the festivities.

Our own Erin Nicole and Jeff Vaughn served as emcees - even participating in the ribbon cutting.

Organizers tell 7 Action News more than 2,000 walkers took part, raising more than $130,000. 

That's well on the way to their goal of raising $200,000.

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