Tire Sweep Challenge is on! Teens volunteer to collect illegally dumped tires that will be recycled

(WXYZ) - In Brightmoor, teenage volunteers from across the Midwest are rolling tread, but is it enough to get them into victory lane?

"We have challenged Southwest Detroit to see which neighborhood can pick up the most illegally dumped tires," said Audra Carson with De-tread. "I'm thinking we will get between three to four thousand over the next three days.

Across town, in Southwest Detroit, the volunteers are strong and their spirits are high.

"We hope to collect 5,000 tires and beat Brightmoor," said Samantha Farr with Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision.

The tires collected won't end up in a landfill, they are being recycled into mud mats and sandals.

A grant is helping fund the tire sweep challenge.


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