Tracking down the tire dumpers boss: Ronnie Dahl speaks with Double Jay

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Last week, 7 Action News Reporter Ronnie Dahl caught two guys illegally dumping tires on a recently cleared lot.  At the time, the driver pointed the finger at his boss.

Since then, Ronnie has been looking for the boss.  He owns Double Jay's Auto Service on Wyoming Street in Detroit.

After leaving messages and stopping by the business, he finally agreed to talk to Ronnie.

His name is Jay Motley. He says the guys dumping the tires weren't employees but contractors he hired to help out. 

He claims he never told them to dump the tires, they did it own their own. "

He got paid to move the rubbish, but not to move the tires." said Motley. "I guess he cut a corner to get the money for the tires."

Motley says he is willing to take responsibility for the dumping of the tires.

7 Action News has turned over Motley's information to the City of Detroit for possible citation.

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