Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey coming to Detroit's Techonomy conference: Ask him a question!

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The inventor of Twitter will be in Detroit and we've created an opportunity for you to tap his brain – and maybe pose your questions to him in person.

Jack Dorsey is Twitter's co-founder. He is scheduled to participate Wednesday in the Techonomy conference taking place at Wayne State University.

As part of the conference, a who's who of names from the tech world will visit town to share their visions for the future. They'll examine the American economy and the role that cities like ours will play in the nation's future growth.

Dorsey's visit has us wondering: How will social media help change Detroit for the better? How will Detroiters use it to tell the world about our home?

Sure, we'd love to hear the Twitter co-founder's answers to questions like that, but we'd also like to hear from you. What questions do you have for Jack Dorsey ( @Jack on Twitter ). Share your thoughts and pose a question… On Twitter, of course!

We'll be watching our #Backchannel hashtag on Twitter as well as the hashtag #JackInDetroit . Use those to ask questions. Combine your thoughts on technology, the economy, and the future of cities like ours. Feel free to answer each other as well!

If we see some great questions out there, we'll send a handful of people to the conference where you may be able to hear his answer in person. And where @Jack is sure to provide a response that is more than just 140 characters.

The Techonomy conference will be hosted by the Detroit Economic Club. In addition to Dorsey, attendees will hear from an array of tech luminaries that includes AOL co-founder Steve Case and locals Josh Linkner and Dan Gilbert.

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