Up and down temperatures have drivers dealing with potholes across metro Detroit

PONTIAC, Mich. (WXYZ) - Tis' the season for potholes and headaches. For motorists, hitting one of the road craters can leave quite a dent in a driver's wallet.

Hugo Jimenez has been busy the last couple of days. He runs Jimenez Tire Repair & Motor Mart in Pontiac.

"We have cars that have broken axles, ball joints, especially wheels." said Jimenez. 

Depending on the damage, repairs can be costly. Michigan Department of Transportation estimates motorists shell out an average of $120 a year for road-related damage.

Tom Lewis lives on Martin Luther King Blvd. in Pontiac. His car has been damaged due to potholes several times. He has had to pay for a front-end alignment several times and his rims have been chipped because of potholes. He tries to avoid them, but it's become nearly impossible.  

"This is like a derby over here," said Lewis. "Trying to miss potholes."

Potholes are a major problem for local communities and a major money drain. Road crews put a band-aid on the problem with patching, but without more money a long-term solution may never come.

"A lot of the roads in the county should be resurfaced, which would be the real solution to potholes." said Oakland County Road Commission Spokesperson, Craig Bryson. "Unfortunately, it's getting worse every year as the collective condition of the road continues to deteriorate."

Drivers are urged to report potholes to area road commissions for repair.

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