Utash family responds to new allegations

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The daughters of Steve Utash spoke to 7 Action News after recently getting backlash over an alleged incident involving their brother Joe Utash.

According to other reports, Joe Utash visited the Coliseum strip club in Detroit Saturday night where he has been accused of bragging about having more than a thousand dollars .

His sister, Mandi Emerick believes he was carrying a few hundred dollars instead.

Emerick wanted to set the record straight after questions loomed as to whether the money used was taken from fundraising efforts.

The family has an account set up to pay Steve Utash’s extremely high medical bills.

Emerick told 7 Action News the cash her brother used belonged to him.  According to Emerick, she is her father’s next of kin and she and her attorney are the only ones who can touch the trust fund.

She said in order to take money out of the fund you have to leave a paper trail for every penny.

Other reports have suggested Joe Utash caused a scene inside the Coliseum when he allegedly accused a stripper of stealing his cash.

Since those reports, Steve Utash’s daughters told 7 Action News nasty messages started pouring in on social media and false accusations have been made.

“There was a bunch of negativity,” said Emerick.  “There was a bunch of bad comments about how my brother is a druggie and ‘What do you expect from that family.’ ‘I’m not going to support them any more.’ ‘They are not getting any of my money.’ And it’s not like that.”

Things took a dark turn for the family.  According to sisters Emerick and Felicia Utash, they have been worried about their brother.

“He got admitted to Henry Ford because he was threatening to hurt himself,” said Emerick. “People need to understand when you make comments like that it affects people’s lives.  You are affecting people and how they live and this isn’t just hurting my brother. It’s hurting my entire family.

According to Emerick, the recent news has taken the attention away from where it needs to be: on her dad.

The sisters were also worried about their safety after someone posted where Emerick worked on Instagram.

Joe Utash has since been released from the hospital and, according to his sisters, feels terrible about the alleged ordeal.

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