VIDEO: Clint Eastwood rallies behind Detroit in Super Bowl commercial for Chrysler

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Last year, it was Eminem. This year, Clint Eastwood was the man in the Detroit-centric Super Bowl commercial for Chrysler.

"It's halftime, America," proclaims Eastwood in the commercial. "Our second half's about to begin," he says at the close of the ad.

"We're all scared because this isn't a game," Eastwood says. "The people of Detroit know a little something about this," he proclaims in a raspy voice as the flag of the city of Detroit waves on screen.

"Now, Motor City is fighting again." he adds.

Like last year's Eminem commercial , this new spot features the slogan, "Imported from Detroit."

Unlike the 2011 Chrysler Super Bowl ad, the star is never pictured in Detroit. Eastwood is shown in what appears to be a football stadium.

In addition to the city's flag, there are images of the facade of Detroit's all-but-demolished Fine Arts Building, located on Grand Circus Park and held up by heavy scaffolding.

Autoworkers and images of factories also appear. At one point, a row of Jeep Grand Cherokees are lined up on a factory floor. The Grand Cherokee is built at Chrysler's Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit.

Do you think this commercial will be the talker that last year's was? Let us know in the comments below.

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