VIDEO: Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan talks about Belle Isle traffic stop

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Mayor Mike Duggan laughed when asked about being pulled over for a traffic stop on Belle Isle. He says the conservation officer who stopped him in February took note of his city-owned vehicle and asked, "What do you do for the city?"

The mayor says he was pulled over when driving 30 miles per hour in a 20 mph zone. He recalled that the stop occurred early on February 10, the first morning the state of Michigan took over the park.

"He was very polite," Duggan said of the officer who pulled him over. When he realized that Duggan was the mayor, the officer pointed out a shelter that state crews were working on and asked him to "drive a little slower."

Michigan State Police and conservation officers patrol the park and have been criticized this week for pulling over a large number of drivers.

City Clerk Janice Winfrey was pulled over by a Michigan State trooper on Good Friday while driving with her 80-year old mother. She was driving her city-owned car.

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