VIDEO: Hydroplane suffers blow-over crash near Belle Isle during Gold Cup races

DETROIT (WXYZ) - If you've ever been down near the Detroit River during the Gold Cup races, you know those boats are fast, and it looks very dangerous.

While during one of the races Saturday, one of the hyrdoplane boats suffered a blow-over crash.

As you can see, the boat hits a big wave, gets up in the air a little bit, and then blows over, flipping upside down.

It happened during the third lap of the Unlimited Heat 2B. Jon Zimmerman was the driver of the U-9 Team Red Dot/Spirit of Qatar boat when it happened.

He was near the Belle Isle bridge turn when the boat caught wind and went airborne.

Zimmerman appeared unharmed as he walked out of the medical station at the racecourse, and spoke to a crowd that gathered.

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